Welcome to Art Instruction Schools.

Art is All Around Us.

Everything you do, see or touch involves the wonderful world of art. There are unlimited ways for your abilities as an artist to be applied. You can use your skills in a variety of ways; the possibilities are virtually endless such as commercial illustration, cartooning, sketching or painting for professional or personal enjoyment. Art is personal and emotional and can communicate to the world. Developing your skill is valuable and opens the door to many opportunities.

No matter what you do in life, you will always have your art.

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  • Cartooning

    Imaginative, inventive, and resourceful. Cartooning often captures the truth through exaggeration.

  • Wildlife

    A detailed skill set to capture the realistic qualities of the animal subject.

  • Figure

    The human form shown in various media, made interesting by diverse shapes and postures.

  • Landscape

    From snow-capped mountains to the rolling plains, the natural world shown through an artist’s perception.

  • Still Life

    Objects chosen for their simplicity prove that everyday life holds something to be appreciated.